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EXMO работает более 4х лет, это одна из самых авторитетных бирж Европы. Максимально удобная для ввода-вывода средств для граждан России и Украины, в рублях, гривне, долларах, через местные банки, карты и электронные деньги. Есть открытый офис в Барселоне, который может посетить любой желающий Интерфейс биржи на русском и украинском языках, есть русскоговорящая поддержка. Высокая надежность – идеально для долгосрочных инвестиций в криптовалюту.

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Cex.io    Cex.io

Биржа работает с 2013 года, начиналась как сервис для облачного майнинга. В Cex.io есть возможность использовать заемные средства, для покупки криптовалют. Поддерживается русский язык. Для ввода-вывода средств, поддерживаются много способов, удобных для жителей России и Украины. За все время работы биржи, не было ни одного случаю хищения средств участников биржи.

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Binance    Binance

Binance успела войти в топ 5 бирж по торговле криптовалютой и входит в ТОП 29 бирж по суточному объему торгов, это лидер среди мировых бирж. поддерживающих русский язык. У биржы самая минимальная комиссия, которая составляет 0,1%. Главный офис компании располагается в Шанхае. На бирже Binance можно покупать и продавать большой набор криптовалют.

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BitFlip    BitFlip

Одна из самых низких комиссий среди крипто-бирж. Удобный интерфейс на русском языке. Достаточно большой выбор альткоинов. Поддерживается ввод средств с помощью QIWI, Яндекс Денег, WebMoney, Робокасса. Самый низкий минимальный лимит на пополнение средств среди бирж. Отлично подходит для использования в качестве кошелька для криптовалют.

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LiveCoin    LiveCoin

Огромный выбор поддерживаемых криптовалют и токенов. Многие альткоины торгуются в паре с USD. Есть поддержка русского языка. Быстрый старт после регистрации. Входит в ТОП-20 мировых криптобирж. Надежность – не одной проблемы за все время существования биржи.

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Новости от LiveCoin

We have successfully supported the next stage of BTT Airdrop to TRON holders. All funds transferred to us from BitTorrent Foundation were distributed among the holders. The current ratio of BTT airdrop is 1 TRX ≈ 0.009966 BTT. Read more about BTT Airdrop: https://blog.hitbtc.com/hitbtc-will-support-the-upcoming-btt-airdrops/
Welcome to the official HitBTC Chinese community on Telegram (https://t.me/CN_HitBTC) and our Chinese blog at Zhihu (https://www.zhihu.com/people/hitbtc/activities)! Join to receive news about technology, new instruments, airdrops, and currency exchange tips
We would like to state our position in a clear way in regards to the recent write-ups attempting to portray HitBTC in an unfavorable light. We’d like to address some of these issues and provide context into why they happened. Read more: https://t.co/YhLqjlZ2rI
Dear traders, due the upcoming $DBET Token Conversion, we want to remind you about the need to update your $DBET tokens before May 20. You can find full step-by-step instruction on the DecentBet blog: https://medium.com/@decentbet2017/dbet-token-conversion-a-step-by-step-process-64de9aef350a
We are happy to welcome the MinerGate loyalty tool ($MG token) by MinerGate on HitBTC exchange. Trading pairs for MG/BTC, MG/ETH, MG/USDT and MG/EOS are available in our terminal: https://hitbtc.com/exchange/MG-to-BTC. Enjoy your trading!
We are glad to announce new $VRA trading contest with Verasity hosted by HitBTC exchange. $VRA by Verasity is available for trading on HitBTC against $BTC and $ETH. Top 10 $VRA traders will be awarded from a prize pool of 20,000,000 VRA. You can see all contest rules on our trading contest page: https://hitbtc.com/trading-contest/25 Verasity.io is a leading video player providing unique Rewarded Video Player Technology to major video publishers across the globe. It enables VRA rewards, monetization and loyalty schemes within the video player wallet. Their technology is already available to 280,000 video publishers with 240 million users and 50 billion monthly views. This brings audiences, and revenues back to video publisher sites from YouTube. Their attention-based model creates a thriving VRA token economy between viewers, video publishers and advertisers. For more information on Verasity, please visit: https://verasity.io/
Dear traders, HitBTC is integrating EOSDT, the world’s first EOS-based decentralized stablecoin, and NUT, the native utility token for the Equilibrium cryptocurrency framework. EOSDT will be available to trade in BTC, ETH, EOS, DAI, and USDT pairs and NUT will be available in BTC, EOS, and USDT pairs. EOSDT enters circulation when Equilibrium users collateralize their liquid digital assets. EOSDT offers a variety of applications, including hedging market risks, providing fiat-like quotes for currency pairs on crypto exchanges, and making online payments with merchants that accept cryptocurrency. Equilibrium’s NUT asset is the framework’s utility currency, and it plays an important role in the framework’s processes. For example, NUT holders have the right to take part in Equilibrium’s decentralized governance, mainly by voting for changes to the parameters that drive its processes. For example, Equilibrium users can vote for block producers on the EOS blockchain to receive a staked portion of Equilibrium’s collateral. NUT is also used for paying fees. To close their positions, users must repay their staked collateral as well as pay an admin fee that accrues in NUT. This utility token furthermore gives access to discounted collateral. Learn more about EOSDT’s and NUT’s uses here. You can generate your first EOSDT through Equilibrium’s self-service gateway and start trading it on HitBTC. Check out Equilibrium’s blog, where they usually share announcements: https://blog.eosdt.com/
Dear traders, We are very glad to welcome $CUTE by Blockchain Cuties on HitBTC exchange. Trading pairs for CUTE/BTC, CUTE/ETH, CUTE/USDT and CUTE/EOS will be available soon. Blockchain Cuties is the cutest web-based adventure collectible game on Blockchain. It allows players to trade, breed, train and gear up different kinds of cute animals that interact with each other in various adventure locations. Each Cutie is unique and one of a kind. When adventuring, Cuties gain experience and new levels. Player doesn’t have to download additional wallets – Blockchain Cuties have one built right into the game! You can create an account in two clicks or import your existing one using private key! For more information about Blockchain Cuties Universe, please visit: https://blockchaincuties.com/
Dear traders, for your convenience, we have launched communities in Korean. Kakao Talk Group Chat: https://open.kakao.com/o/gl32o0ib Kakao Talk Support chat: https://open.kakao.com/o/saZTZ0ib Naver Blog: https://blog.naver.com/hitbtc01 Please join us to receive updates and discuss latest news!