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Курс к доллару: $11.02 (-13.02 %)

Цена к биткоин: 0.0003162 BTC

Общая капитализация: $11020000000

Оборот торгов (24 ч.): $204768821.74

Курс к гривне: 321.05 грн. (-13.15 %)

Цена к биткоин: 0.0003162 BTC

Общая капитализация: 321051600000 грн.

Оборот торгов (24 ч.): 5920949524.07 грн.

Курс к рублю: 786.24 руб. (-32.24 %)

Цена к биткоин: 0.0003162 BTC

Общая капитализация: 786244658197.82 руб.

Оборот торгов (24 ч.): 14500207863.03 руб.

Прогноз курса: + 353.72% Все прогнозы

Welcome, Gordon! This 🧵 is worth a read. If you're interested in helping build the better, safer, and more accessible financial system on Web3 that Gordon describes, you can find opportunities to join him and the rest of our amazing team at https://t.co/d3IERsnQsE. https://t.co/3oYd0WD2dj
1/ We were excited to see the community vote to deploy on @0xPolygon in Dec. Since then, users have already saved millions in gas costs. As the community considers future deployments, we wanted to share some thoughts on how we can make each as successful. https://t.co/zaqXQXBv8t
Very cool Office Hours starting in an hour 👇 https://t.co/Y9pRspbCcP
Starting now 👇 https://t.co/ofZOuhXdJj
To answer some of the questions we've gotten - This is an optional service made for self-reporting, US-based users and LPs. And while we will be covering costs, users will interact with TaxBit directly. We do not have access to, collect, or report any data provided. https://t.co/3q15NE83fA
🚨 We are partnering with leading crypto tax providers to help US-based Uniswap app users and LPs navigate a cumbersome, costly, and confusing tax filing process, and covering the cost of tax forms through @TaxBit. We’ll share more details as US tax season approaches! https://t.co/PvutdwUTBJ
1/ In collaboration with @Scopelift, today we’re releasing Seatbelt, a new test suite to strengthen DAO governance! https://t.co/76NSq7SgkF 💪


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Binaryx    Binaryx

Биржа цифровых активов Binaryx предлагает качественный и максимально простой терминал как профессиональным трейдерам, так и непрофессионалам. Вы можете взаимодействовать с проектом в двух направлениях – это хранение и торговля криптовалютой и фиатом.

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EXMO работает более 4х лет, это одна из самых авторитетных бирж Европы. Максимально удобная для ввода-вывода средств для граждан России и Украины, в рублях, гривне, долларах, через местные банки, карты и электронные деньги. Есть открытый офис в Барселоне, который может посетить любой желающий Интерфейс биржи на русском и украинском языках, есть русскоговорящая поддержка. Высокая надежность – идеально для долгосрочных инвестиций в криптовалюту.

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New Crypto update #Polkadot 17.7776 -10.8% #Dogecoin 0.1327 -7.78% #Uniswap 11.6647 -8.42% #Chainlink 15.7409 -12.04% #DOT #DOGE #UNI #LINK
#UNI-fy your crypto portfolio! You can buy $UNI – our most recent asset listing – with your debit or credit card. It’s as effortless as shopping online. And now for the best part: you can get up to 0.5% cashback on your purchases. https://t.co/acqSZgRK1U
文房具屋ってすごく好き 整列されたペンを眺めてるだけで気持ちいい 今回はとにかく小さくて軽いのを探してたので、 #uni #stylefit を4本! いいわ〜 #スタイルフィット https://t.co/Cgj4jCqaU7
Top 10 #Cryptocurrency Live Prices: (06:00 PM . Jan 22,2022) #BTC $34906.73 #ETH $2384.68 #BNB $355.87 #DOGE $0.13 #SHIB $0.0000200383 #AXS $49.31 #MANA $1.99 #UNI $11.05 #GM $0.0000397648 #KISHU $0.0000000017 Comments! Which coins would like to be listed?
Sarah Phillimore notes how EDI in higher education is "shorthand for the elevation and celebration of just one particular ideology, to the detriment and exclusion of all those who are not signed up." #EDI #uni #ideology #UTAX https://t.co/SPFGnVR8yx
RT @dll_io: Top 10 #Cryptocurrency Live Prices: (05:55 PM . Jan 22,2022) #BTC $34844.38 #ETH $2379.69 #BNB $355.28 #DOGE $0.13 #SHIB $0.0…
Top 10 #Cryptocurrency Live Prices: (05:55 PM . Jan 22,2022) #BTC $34844.38 #ETH $2379.69 #BNB $355.28 #DOGE $0.13 #SHIB $0.0000199680 #AXS $49.21 #MANA $1.99 #UNI $11.04 #GM $0.0000398014 #KISHU $0.0000000017 Comments! Which coins would like to be listed?
Top 10 #Cryptocurrency Live Prices: (05:50 PM . Jan 22,2022) #BTC $34934.59 #ETH $2388.75 #BNB $356.01 #DOGE $0.13 #SHIB $0.0000200460 #AXS $49.41 #MANA $2.00 #UNI $11.11 #GM $0.0000398412 #KISHU $0.0000000018 Comments! Which coins would like to be listed?
Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: handmade resin skull figurine ornament home decor halloween roses collection handcrafted accents https://t.co/jbLrm4pyPF #blue #green #valentinesday #resinskull #tyedyeskull #roseskull #glitterskull #fireskull #uni https://t.co/cpDPOZH4cM