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Курс к доллару: $20.74 (-11.33 %)

Цена к биткоин: 0.0005815 BTC

Общая капитализация: $20740000000

Оборот торгов (24 ч.): $521257210.75

Курс к гривне: 575.67 грн. (-10.54 %)

Цена к биткоин: 0.0005815 BTC

Общая капитализация: 575668500000 грн.

Оборот торгов (24 ч.): 14316990148.58 грн.

Курс к рублю: 1570.05 руб. (-6.66 %)

Цена к биткоин: 0.0005815 BTC

Общая капитализация: 1570050000000 руб.

Оборот торгов (24 ч.): 39047455927.81 руб.

Прогноз курса: + 141.08% Все прогнозы

.@QDT_ai will launch a #Chainlink node to supply its premium crypto analytics on-chain, enabling smart contracts to call predictive analytics generated through QDT’s specialized AI/ML deep learning algorithms to power automated on-chain trading strategies.
.@Prophecy_PRY integrates #Chainlink VRF on @BinanceChain to support their flagship product Prophet Pools. Chainlink VRF uses secure off-chain computation to generate provably fair randomness, ensuring pool winners are selected in a tamper-proof manner.
The #Chainlink Grant Program is expanding funding to social impact-driven nonprofits, startups, Web3 orgs, & developers using hybrid #smartcontract technology to solve critical global climate, financial inclusion, & other sustainable development challenges.
Chainlink is meeting the demand for secure multi-chain liquidity in #DeFi. @0x_nodes will integrate #Chainlink Price Feeds as its go-to oracle solution, enabling their yield aggregation network to set accurate exchange rates for synthetic cross-chain swaps.
We’re gearing up for our largest event of the year, #SmartCon! Join us August 5-7 to discover the latest in #smartcontract innovation and hear from 200+ leading speakers across the #DeFi, #NFT, and #blockchain ecosystem. Sign up today to secure your spot.
Congrats to the #Chainlink bounty winners from the #0xHack event! Read how these winning hackathon projects used Chainlink to enhance their dApps with off-chain computation for building on-chain fitness incentive programs, rare #NFT booster packs, and more.
.@BaseProtocol is using #Chainlink Keepers to automate the triggering of its rebasing function. Chainlink Keepers ensure that daily supply adjustments to BASE occur in a highly reliable and decentralized manner, even during extreme network conditions.
.@Bytenextio, an #NFT art ecosystem on @BinanceChain, is using #Chainlink VRF to fairly determine winners in their upcoming bounty program. Chainlink VRF provides verifiably secure and tamper-proof random numbers that users can independently audit.
.@KonomiNetwork, a @substrate_io-based chain, has integrated the #Chainlink Oracle Pallet on testnet, providing Konomi with high-quality, flash loan-resistant price feeds to support their decentralized liquidity & money markets for the @Polkadot ecosystem.
Chainlink’s decentralized oracle networks provide smart contracts access to high-quality market data for a wide range of asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, commodities, & more. Explore the extensive collection of #Ethereum-based #Chainlink Data Feeds below.


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