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Курс к доллару: $22.28 (4.11 %)

Цена к биткоин: 0.0005283 BTC

Общая капитализация: $22280000000

Оборот торгов (24 ч.): $935564379.44

Курс к гривне: 602.58 грн. (4.05 %)

Цена к биткоин: 0.0005283 BTC

Общая капитализация: 602582339988 грн.

Оборот торгов (24 ч.): 25201133194.42 грн.

Курс к рублю: 1731.97 руб. (2.51 %)

Цена к биткоин: 0.0005283 BTC

Общая капитализация: 1731972184380 руб.

Оборот торгов (24 ч.): 72434352637.11 руб.

Прогноз курса: + 124.42% Все прогнозы

.@upfi_network is integrating #Chainlink Price Feeds on @solana for high-quality data backed by a provably reliable oracle solution, helping secure the minting/redeeming functions of its partially collateralized, algorithmically stabilized stablecoin UPFI.
With #NFT marketplaces experiencing a record surge in activity, developers are looking for ways to give their NFTs a competitive edge. Learn how you can use #Chainlink VRF to create dynamic NFTs with a variety of provably rare, collectible attributes.
The #Chainlink Hackathon is a can't-miss opportunity for new #blockchain developers to jumpstart their smart contract journey & access top learning resources & mentors. Sign up now to build your first #dApp & compete in a low-stakes, hands-on environment.
Decentralized storage aggregator @coldstack_io is using #Chainlink Price Feeds to determine the most cost-efficient storage solution at any given moment in time. ColdStack is also exploring Chainlink Keepers to reliably automate staking reward distribution.
.@wrasslersgg is leveraging #Chainlink VRF on @0xPolygon to access a verifiably tamper-proof source of randomness, which is then used to fairly assign character stats, determine in-game moves, and settle match outcomes in its #NFT-based wrestling game.
.@AlchemyPay is leveraging #Chainlink Price Feeds to provide its users with fair market exchange rates when purchasing assets on popular DEXs directly from the Alchemy wallet using its native token ACH, as well as when collateralizing #DeFi loans with ACH.
.@XCarnival_Lab, a lending aggregator for #NFTs & long-tail crypto assets, has integrated #Chainlink Price Feeds on @BinanceChain to reference high-quality, up-to-date, tamper-proof price data on-chain when performing key lending and borrowing operations.
1/ A question for all #DeFi, #NFT, and #blockchain developers entering the Chainlink Fall Hackathon: which #Chainlink off-chain service are you most interested in using within your hackathon #dApp?
Play-to-earn #GameFi project @ApeBlock is integrating #Chainlink VRF to enable a new gamified yield farming model that randomly assigns users different daily APYs. Block Ape Scissors also plans to use Chainlink VRF for fair selection of lootbox rewards.
Decentralized hedge fund platform @dHedgeOrg has integrated #Chainlink Price Feeds on @0xPolygon to obtain secure and accurate asset prices with low-latency updates, helping protect users from flash crash outliers, exchange downtime, & flash loan attacks.


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