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What happens when you combine a #blockchain-agnostic oracle network with a secure cross-chain messaging system? Middleware that can seamlessly plug into any public or enterprise blockchain—and connect them all together.
Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) underpin decentralized identity solutions, highly scalable layer-2 networks, privacy-preserving transactions, and more. Discover what ZKPs are and how they are impacting #Web3 ⬇️
The newly updated #Chainlink blog is now live: 🎨 Improved design 🔎 Better navigation ⛓️ Crypto fundamentals 🛠️ Resources for builders 📖 Guides for startups 💡Vision deep dives Purpose-built to educate, engage, & empower you along your #Web3 journey.
With hundreds of independent blockchains, public and private, #Web3 has a clear need for blockchain interoperability. This isn't just about cross-chain token bridges—the potential for blockchain interoperability spans much farther than simple digital asset transfers. 🧵👇
#Chainlink Spring 2022 Hackathon winner @picardyprotocol is using Chainlink Automation on #Polygon to help distribute royalty payments to creators and their royalty token holders. Explore how Automation helps improve the reliability of #Web3 protocols👇
Results-oriented marketing is critical for growth-focused #Web3 startups. In the latest Web3 Marketing Masterminds (W3MM) webinar, hear from @purestakeco's Kate Butler & @ChainlinkLabs' Mickey Graham on how to drive business outcomes. 📺➡️
Upholding the security guarantees of Web3 by providing users with #ProofNotPromises is mission-critical for accelerating mass #crypto adoption. That's why #stablecoins backed by real-world assets must provide complete transparency around their reserve assets. 🧵👇
1997: “Most web pages are static. In the future, most web pages will be dynamic.” 2023: “Most NFTs are static. In the future, most NFTs will be dynamic.” Understand why dynamic NFTs are a game-changer for non-fungible assets👇
Looking to level up your #Solana development skills? 🏗️ This project is a one-stop shop for learning how to build a full-stack dApp using #Chainlink Price Feeds on @Solana. Dive in to learn everything from contract creation to wallet integration👇
In a previous blog, the @ChainlinkLabs Research Team introduced VOLE-based ZK protocols assuming there's a way to efficiently construct commitments. In this post, they explain the transition from VOLE to commitments. Discover how it works ⬇️


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Биржа цифровых активов Binaryx предлагает качественный и максимально простой терминал как профессиональным трейдерам, так и непрофессионалам. Вы можете взаимодействовать с проектом в двух направлениях – это хранение и торговля криптовалютой и фиатом.

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