Review of ICO projects for investments

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Invest ideas for earning on promising ICO projects

Forecast growth from +460% for six months - insider reviews from the analytical club.

On this page, we have gathered and are constantly updating the rating of perspective ICO projects which can attract investments. Our analysts are developing the rating based on a broad analysis which includes analysis of an ICO project business idea, analysis of technology and usefulness of using blockchain, competition, credibility of the information provided, adequacy and details of the project development plan, potential risks, promise of investments.

Check the comparison table of ICO projects below to find a summary and our recommendations. Also, find a more detailed description of ICO projects underneath of the table.



P2P cars rent servise on blockchain

Online market platform on blockchain

Blockchain dating service
Closing date 1.06.2018 15.05.2018 30.05.2018
Token price 1 ETH = 4,000 HGO 1000 AIC = 1 ETH 1 DTC = 0,00025 ETH
Detailed description OK OK OK
Allocation of funds ОК Doubt ОК
Business idea ОК ОК ОК
Usefulness of blockchain ОК ОК ОК
Investment currency ETH, BTC ETH, BTC, LTC ETH, BTC
RoadMap ОК ОК Doubt
MVP availability Yes Yes Yes
Verification Yes Yes Yes
GitHUB   Yes  
Special terms 30% discount 26% discount To 15% discount
GEO All contries All contries All contries
Growth period expectancy Medium Short Medium
Assessment of the attractiveness 4 4 5
Link to ICO project More about More about Akaiito More about DATECOIN


Explanations to the summary table

Description – a brief description of the ICO project essence, a more detailed description below or a more detailed information on the ICO website;

Closing date – the deadline for the company to attract money from the third-party investors;

Token price – the declared price for an issued token in fiat money or cryptocurrencies;

Detailed description – whether the ICO project website provides the most detailed description of the essence, goals, plans, further actions of the ICO project;

Allocation of funds – an assessment of how adequately the distribution and direction of funds from the ICO is planned. (Whether it will be spent on the further project development and marketing or will be distributed between founders);

Business idea – evaluation of the project idea, its relevance for the market, possibility to be implemented, viability, competiveness;

Usefulness of blockchain – whether this project really needs to use blockchain technology and whether it will get an additional value with it or this is marketing only;

Investment currency – possible currency to buy tokens of the ICO project;

RoadMap - assessment of the availability, relevance, and foresightedness of the project development plans;

MVP availability – whether the company has the lightest product version, demo-version or whether it only plans to have it;

Verification –  whether the company has certificates, verification from different companies which evaluate ICO projects;

GitHUB - whether the company has an open code for a smart-contract in free sources. (This is a proof of a real project and serious intentions of the company);

Special terms – current special terms to buy tokens;

GEO – countries, where the company intends to get investors. If you are located in the countries marked as ‘except’, you can also become an investor. However, you are responsible for legal issues related to investing in ICO projects.

Growth period expectancy – collective average estimation of our analysts based on the business idea complexity, technology implementation and the initial stage as well as market expectations. Result: contingent valuation short, middle, long term till a significant token growth, from 20%-70% and more. Short – from several months to a year. Middle – year+, Long – several years.

Assessment of the attractiveness – assessment based on a collective forecast of several expert opinions. From 1 to 5, they characterize a general investment attractiveness considering the potential speed of token price growth, volume growth, project’s sustainability, potential risks, current stage, team evaluation.


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