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Cryptosoft is an internet service which made a lot of buzz on the Internet lately promising high profits on cryptocurrencies trade. But let’s get a better look what this service is about and whether it allows getting high profits on the cryptа. 

The website says about exclusive software, possibility to get the first profit within 24 hours and a good income for the system users.

We decided to get a better look and our analysts reviewed the service Cryptosoft.

What is the essence of the system?

The system gathers historical data about conducted transactions from several cryptocurrency stock exchanges. This is the data about all transactions, including successful and unprofitable, trade volume, offers and dynamics of cryptocurrencies exchange rates. Then using machine learning, the system compares past transactions and currency exchange rates, after internal calculations the system makes signals for trade which provide the described profitability.

How does the machine learning work?

The system of machine learning accumulates maximum data about past transactions, a separate mode evaluates which transactions were successful and which ones were zero or minus profitable. Then the system makes conclusions and accumulates these data. Since several stock exchanges are connected at once and each one has hundreds of thousands of transactions, a huge amount of data is accumulated (BigData). Without automation, these data are senseless. It is unreal to process them and make conclusions. But using server capacity, it is possible to process them and find patterns and the most similar situations. Based on the previously collected data, the system builds new forecasts which allow getting profit.

What are the prospects?

The longer the system works, the more useful data it accumulates and its forecasts become more accurate and more profitable. Currently, the system brings profits already, but in time the quality of forecasts will improve.

How much is it possible to earn in reality?

The system cannot guarantee a certain profitability. Income depends on the market situation and volatility of cryptocurrencies. The higher volatility and changes in currency rates in a certain period of time are, the more money it is possible to make. If the market is relatively calm, it is also real to make money but the term increases. The system is already configured and gives positive signals for implementation.

Who can use it? (For beginners and for experienced users)

The system is good for beginners because it has detailed step-by-step instructions on how to register, what to do, which steps should be next etc.
It is also good for experienced crypto-investors. They can use the system together with their practices which will help them to get more accurate forecasts and make decisions about purchase or selling.

Informational support

The software has a strong informational support and instructions for those who only start to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Are there any risks?

There are risks but mainly they are connected with the general market dynamics. But the majority of risks can become a plus if to wait for a longer period of time when currencies start to bring profits on an opened scale.


You can learn to trade cryptocurrencies with profits by yourself. But if you use an automated system based on a large experience of other traders, you will return your deposit more efficiently and start getting profits faster.

You can get more information about the system on the Cryptosoft website.


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